belated happy! and news

children's illustration, sketches

a bit late, but happy happy 2011!

this week i’ll be unveiling my newest endeavor, starting with the logo designs for an up-and-coming children’s publishing company “Pinwheel Books”:

I’ll be the Creative Consultant for the founder of the company – basically assisting in all aspsects of putting together children’s books, from design, to marketing, and everything in between!

Additionally, I’ll be illustrating the first series to be published – the “Sam and Ben” adventures.

Here’s a sneak peak of Sam and Ben sketches!

beans and things

inspiration, sketches

rain and humidity be gone, it’s finally autumn!

so i have a new job at magic beans in cambridge. to make some moolah (which is actually the rewards program at the store, so puns galore!) on the side.
plus, i get to see my buddy susanne, whose work is also awesome and you should go look at.

but in the midst of craziness i wanted to post a few sketches and announce a new website is coming!

i have a lot of things cooking on my cambridge stove for you all to share soon!

all good things,