springy updates

children's illustration, mud pup, watercolor

i realized this image never got published/scanned right, so here it is again. in the light of a new month…and 3 WEEKS TIL SPRING(!!) i’m steering away from snowy scenes for a little while, although my ice skating characters are still searching for their background.

here’s a spring-y inspiration:

i have several deadlines before my trip to Iceland for my 23rd birthday, so postings will be a little light for a little while….be patient, friends!!

until soon,

i’ve been busy

inspiration, watercolor

i’ve been busy

(my cousins documenting my watercolor wonder kit)

exploring lake winnepesauke with my cousins,

eating wild blueberries,
(picked from Mt. Major’s Fall Summit)

picking wildflowers,

(this one was a milkweed seedpod)

and painting.

(a sunset painted at sunset)

i’m filled with dreams and paint all over,
and will have lots to show real soon.

enjoy summer, everyone.

(our kitchen filled with fruit,
our table filled with flowers,
and a feverish young girl painting
through the late afternoon with family)

recent collages

collage, diners, watercolor

I have developed a cut paper-collage style of working in the last two years at RISD. I paint into xerox copied images and assemble them into full page illustrations – some full color, some limited pallete playing with the white of the page. Recently though, I’ve fallen back in love with my diner series, and here’s the latest one:

I also started playing with farmstands and farmer’s markets. In today’s Green Movement, it only seems appropriate:

I can’t wait to build up this portfolio!

Until then,