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“Art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else.”
– Sydney Gurewitz Clemens
K2 Expressive Portraits

Introducing a lesson on Expressive Self Portraits to my Kindergarten students, 2015

True artistry comes out of the inclination to create. The process of making inspires me find the gestural stroke of paint that suits an expression or texture. I create chaos in my work in order to organize it in a way that feels right to me, resulting in works abstract, collage, and illustrative.

As a Teaching Artist, I invite students to discover new or unexpected methods or materials with each prompt that comes their way. I encourage them to formulate opinions and point of view when creating their work, giving them support to find what drives them as artists. I draw upon my illustration skills in collaborating and communicating with fellow professionals and students

In the classroom, I can be found motivating students to persist when the work is tough, and to stretch beyond what they think they are capable of. We experiment with techniques, styles, and skills in a space where it is safe to make mistakes, and encouraged to reflect and try again. Personal growth and persistence are markers of achievements. It is my goal through this process to build confidence and self-assurance in students in the pursuit of finding their creative spark.

I am currently the Art Teacher for Grades K0-3 at the Henderson Inclusion Elementary School in Dorchester, MA. Please contact me for information about my lessons, and stay tuned for a link to my teaching portfolio.

Class Offerings at the Brookline Arts Center:

In addition to teaching in Dorchester, I offer a variety of classes at Brookline Arts Center. Classes I previously have taught include:

  • Fundamentals in Drawing and Painting
  • Movable Monsters / Lots of Bots
  • Planes, Trains and Automobiles
  • Writing Children’s Books for Adults

My current class offerings can be found on the art center’s website. My fall classes will include:

  • Characters and Comics (which has been mentioned in the art center’s listing for Best of Boston 2015!)
  • Watercolor and Collage for Adults

I also teach ARTVentures Vacation Programs at BAC during the Winter, Spring, and Summer school breaks. Curriculum this summer includes the themes:

  • Microscopic and Miniature
  • Build It!
  • Treasure Quest
  • Stories in Motion
  • Deep Sea Creatures
  • Great Heights
  • Eco Art

Student work from BAC pre 2013:

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