lily and sam in the night

children's illustration, lily

“Moon, come home!” Lily and Sam called out.

Below is a sample image for the above line from my newest story Lily’s Moon

This is the first version. I have a tendency to paint in warm colors, even when I know a scene should be done in cooler tones.

So here’s the second version where I cooled down the reds:

better eh?

And here’s the final version where I laid a cool blue over the whole image in Photoshop:

let me know which is better – 1, 2, or 3?

on a side note, I’m looking to purchase a scanner or printer. I don’t know which to print because RISD prints was so good to me!! oy vey!

on another side note, vacation is beginning THURSDAY to SINGAPORE and beyond, so stay tuned!!!
<3, n

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