a lot of inspiration for a lack of postings

children's illustration, inspiration, sketches


sorry for the lack of updates. i was not online, which was a blessing actually.
I’ve been traveling extensively, in and around Southeast Asia. I’m based in Singapore with my honey, where there has been lots to see and do. And eat! But we’ve made several trips out of the country: Malaysia, Thailand, and Taiwan. Malaysia and Thailand are very close to Singapore, and Taiwan is north, in between the coast of China and Japan. All these countries have provdied their own unique inspiration to my art, life, and well being.

I’m back in Singapore for the rest of my time in Southeast Asia, so here’s a peek at some of my sketches and collages. They are ideas more than finishes, but they are what I’ve been up to nonetheless!

lots of the work is sketchy, but some paintings will follow in my next post.

until then,
happy travels!