Muddy Fall

character sketches, children's illustration, mud pup

It’s been a ‘mud pup’ inspired fall. Recently, I’ve been blogging away at “Kidslit Musings“, the blog from Pinwheel Books. I talk about everything from publishing to animation, illustration, and write a column for Tuesdays called “Twin Tuesday”.

I’m also animated Sam and Ben for the iPad, and it’s been tough learning how to animate my images and create an app. We are luckily using a very user-friendly program to drag and drop our frames in. It should be completed by December, so stay tuned!

In my spare time, mud pup’s been on my mind. Here are some of the sketches I’ve created of the little guy these past two months:


Pup Pup Meeting:

Mud Pup Checks the Post:

Mud Pup at the Dog Park:

And finally, the most wonderful little mud pup there could be: