Darwin Goes Digital


Just to change it up today, while I was taking a break from working I decided to do some digital drawings of Darwin and Emma. Way back in early 2012, I was working on designs for mailers marketing my work, and this was a sketch for one of the designs. I tweaked it a bit, and here are the results. If I had more time, I may have colored things more detailed or differently, but this was how I was feeling this afternoon. I gave myself a time limit of 1.5 hoursImage

I sometimes forget how much I love my tablet pen. I taught myself how to use the tablet in Fall 2010, after  I realized while applying for jobs how valuable a skill it could be. Now I’m glad I’ve gotten so used to it!

***Updated to add a new version of this piece, with a more warm color scheme. If anyone knows my work, I tend to prefer to work in warmer tones. What are your thoughts?