8 Artists Show comes down tomorrow!

acrylic, fine art, Mass Art

Tomorrow, the show I’ve had up at Mass Art with my colleagues in the Arnheim Gallery, will come down. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed having my work on display, seeing it everyday, and seeing it change. The humidity has caused some of the paintings to warp, but this I really don’t mind. It adds to the physicality of them,

Here are some recent shots taken of the works in the exhibit setting, and some closeups you won’t find on the portfolio page. I’m eager to hear thoughts, and to chat about future opportunities to show these works!


Self Portraits, long overdue

acrylic, fine art, oils

Last summer, I began embarking in my fine-art career once again. I started with self portraits, glazing oils on top of acrylic monochromatic underpaintings.

I got really into my underpainting for one of my self portraits, so that piece was left unfinished, in a sense. I moved on to a second portrait where I did glaze oils on top. What a nice change it has been to play with oil paint again! I can’t wait to do so again soon:



Before painting these portraits, I began with a simple pear still life. As well as a tomato, painted on masonite board. Pear painting to come, but here is a snapshot of the tomato (4×6″ approximately):

2013-03-03 15.50.12