Going to the Gardner Museum

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Going to the Gardner Museum

You are not allowed to take pictures at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. I oh so loved the beautiful courtyard, which was decorated for Spring, and though how lovely it would be to come back sometime with my sketchbook and paints. I don’t know if I’ll be allowed to paint in there, but I wish I could. Anyways, this is how I felt when I was there. It’s one of the most magical places in Boston.

New Year, new pictures

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A few new illustrations for the start of 2014.

Due to a recent wrist injury, and school, I was limited in terms of making art. But I’m finally back to myself again!

In honor of my work at Brookline Arts Center, I worked on the next year annual campaign imagery entitled “Just Squeakin’ By!”

Squeakin By

And had this idea for an expecting card, celebrating the cooking ‘bun in the oven’ if you get the pun!

Bun in the Oven

Look for some fine art sketches to come next from a recent quartet concert I had the pleasure of painting at.

Several of my pieces have gotten a new boost of promotion recently.

First, the wonderful folks at Literary Lights for Children used the image I provided last year for a bookplate for their “Save The Date” cards, sent out to the honored guests of the kidslit community to join this reception honoring 4 prestigious children’s author/illustrators:

I am so honored to know that my artwork continues to provide the look and inspiration for the Literary Lights for Children project.

Also, a few months back my agent – Kristy King from Writers House – and I put together a sweet little postcard announcing our partnership. I posted the sneak peeks of this piece awhile back, but here are the final images:

I always appreciate the collaborative process of creating artworks that have been crafted with care and thought. Thank you to these fantastic people who help refine my vision, and give my work a place to live and be seen!

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Chocolate Chips and Rocket Ships

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I am so excited to share some freelance projects! Recently I  created a piece for a prestigious kidslit project bringing together 100 Artists in 99 1/2 days. It’s called Chocolate Chips and Rocket Ships, and was written by dad John O’Marra. He was inspired by his kids and family, which make the poems extra special – they are unique, funny, and inspired! It’s really a book for kids of all ages, and features artwork from artists of many styles, and poems of varying themes as well.

Here are two snapshots from the piece I illustrated. I will post a link to it once it’s up! Until then, check out these previews and view past pages on the book’s website today!



Literary Lights for Children Tea Party Invitations

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I got a special treat in the mail yesterday!

The Literary Lights for Children Event postcards from the Associates of the Boston Public Library is finally printed and circulating! Aside from Sam and Ben, this is the most prestigious freelance project I’ve completed thus far in my career and I’m so excited to finally share it!

It was a complicated design project, as I needed to design for the interior and exterior of the postcard, and design an image that could be split down the middle. I’m really happy with the turnout though!
Here are the individual images:
Invitation – opening piece:
Interior “main image” for the invitation:
Vignette for exterior of postcard:

Here’s the website to purchase tickets- http://www.bpl.org/general/associates/literarylightschildren.htm