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Vote for Bo! Just go vote!

Today is Election Day. Which means please PLEASE PLEASE go vote! Don’t know who to vote for? Well, there’s always Bo. Trust me, when the results start pouring in, and nerves are high, you may wanna switch over to Cute Animals on Animal Planet later tonight. (Or now, via this

Darwin and Sandy

So Hurricane Sandy update – 1 week later ….. I did NOT lose power. No drama, no tragedies here for me in Brookline. In fact, we had such a low percentage of power outages. The same does not go true for my family in Long Island, and for them I

Halloween with Darwin and Emma

It’s October, and Fall is my favorite holiday to paint. This Halloween is dedicated to Darwin and Emma. Here they are in a few quick sketches I’ve done in between other projects:

autumn’s end

autumn is ending, things are changing. i am finally feeling my creative work is taking precedence, and have exciting projects on the horizon. this is when i feel like kicking up some leaves, you know? {light collage, watercolor} i feel like drawing lots of trees and leaves right now, so

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