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#TBT Throw Back Thursday

I am going to start posting artworks on my blog for #ThrowbackThursday. Here’s a favorite from my college days. I MOST love the watercolor background – the texture in the back was created from salt!

Co-Pilots Portrait

This is one my most unique pieces in my portfolio. It’s the first time I have combined serious digital work with my watercolor work. AND it’s the first time I’ve used shadows in a piece of digital collage work. When I collage freehand, the shadows appear naturally. I am so

Vote for Bo! Just go vote!

Today is Election Day. Which means please PLEASE PLEASE go vote! Don’t know who to vote for? Well, there’s always Bo. Trust me, when the results start pouring in, and nerves are high, you may wanna switch over to Cute Animals on Animal Planet later tonight. (Or now, via this

Darwin and Sandy

So Hurricane Sandy update – 1 week later ….. I did NOT lose power. No drama, no tragedies here for me in Brookline. In fact, we had such a low percentage of power outages. The same does not go true for my family in Long Island, and for them I

Doodle Series is Back

Especially towards the end of my senior year, one of my favorite past-times became illustrating me and my friends. Cartoons – no. Caricatures – don’t think so. I started calling them ‘Doodles’ when I created them for the team at Pinwheel Books and ever since I’ve been illustrating me and the

A Sketch of my Nona

I recently came across a really old sketch I had done in preparation for working on some images for my story “My Grandmas are Both Italian”. This is an image of my Nona – Anita – mixing a bowl of food in the kitchen. She is always cooking us something

Will you be my co-pilot?

An idea came to me at the beginning of 2012 that began with the phrase: Will you be my co-pilot? I love old fashioned airplanes, aviator caps, and thought I needed a story that focuses on kids and animals living together. And I’m seeing my storytelling taking a more poetic

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