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Sam and Ben was such an accomplishment for me, I’ve been sharing it with everyone and getting great reviews and feedback.

If you haven’t seen it yet, the book’s website is You can also buy the book through OR amazon (just type in my name people!)

Looking back though, this spread is definitely a contender for a favorite of mine:
This was my favorite spread to lay out and illustrate. It showcases what I love to do – draw and paint kids in whimsical poses – and the short phrase allowed me ample space to play with the imagery and really let it shine.
Let me know which spread is your favorite!


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Boston, here I come! It looks like I’m all over the city – in terms of my art, that is.

First, it’s my save-the-date card: I can’t wait until the invitations are done later this month!

And now, it looks like Pippa in the leaves has made the COVER of the Brookline Arts Center Fall Catalog. And I’ll be teaching there this fall – What’s Your Story, and Collage for Tots and Parents.

My Grandmas are Both Italian

children's illustration, grandmas are both italian

I recently submitted my portfolio and several children’s book story proposals to a competition through the Boston Public Library, which is why I have been M.I.A for a month!

My story proposal images are for My Grandmas are Both Italian, a story of my Northern and Southern Italian Grandmothers.

It began with a sketch of Nonna Anita:

And then created these three sequential images:

Papa Joe, Nonna Anita, Nanny, me, and my pup Lady G!

All the images are collage with watercolor and handmade papers, approximately 12X18 in size.

Here’s to having my finger’s crossed! Let me know what you think.


children's illustration, collage, italy

Lady always makes an appearance in my new works. She’s part of a submission series where I’m illustration my story “My Grandmas are Both Italian.

This children’s story celebrates my lovable, yet completely opposite, Italian grandmothers from the north and the south of Italy. They are always at odds, but family always comes first.

Of course, the RISD bicycle came to mind when I painted this little section too:

can’t WAIT to show you the new direction of these works!!!!

springy updates

children's illustration, mud pup, watercolor

i realized this image never got published/scanned right, so here it is again. in the light of a new month…and 3 WEEKS TIL SPRING(!!) i’m steering away from snowy scenes for a little while, although my ice skating characters are still searching for their background.

here’s a spring-y inspiration:

i have several deadlines before my trip to Iceland for my 23rd birthday, so postings will be a little light for a little while….be patient, friends!!

until soon,