my favorite spread

children's illustration, sam and ben

Sam and Ben was such an accomplishment for me, I’ve been sharing it with everyone and getting great reviews and feedback.

If you haven’t seen it yet, the book’s website is You can also buy the book through OR amazon (just type in my name people!)

Looking back though, this spread is definitely a contender for a favorite of mine:
This was my favorite spread to lay out and illustrate. It showcases what I love to do – draw and paint kids in whimsical poses – and the short phrase allowed me ample space to play with the imagery and really let it shine.
Let me know which spread is your favorite!

big major update

sam and ben

I spent June completing my!

Sam and Ben are nearly print-ready, just down to some minor font changes and text edits by my publisher. I’ve also taken on a new role as Pinwheel Books Marketing/Sales/Creative Consultant and have been sending out all that is great about our local publishing house into the social media web.

For now, a teaser! Be on the lookout for Pinwheel Books posts soon.