Evenbrite – Calling all Boston MA illustrators!

pinwheel books

Interested in Turning Children’s Books into Animated Apps? Pinwheel Books, local children’s book publisher in Brookline, MA is having an info session Nov. 8th!

Here’s the info from our Evenbrite Invitation:

Pinwheel Books would like to invite artists, illustrators, authors, publishers and all fans of children’s books to attend a demonstration on how to turn a children’s book into an animated app.

We have been busy turning our books into beautiful apps that bring out the magic in every page. Tap on one character and he plays the xylophone! Drag trucks and cars into a basket. Make bubbles move around the screen. The best part is: if we can do it so can you.

Come for an evening of engaging discussion about the future of children’s book publishing and a brief demonstration of how we work our magic on the iPad screen. Our animation expert Nicole Gsell and our Publisher Sylvia Pagán Westphal will lead the presentation.

Pinwheel Books has gone LIVE!

pinwheel books

Pinwheel Books has gone LIVE!!!!!

Okay everyone, here is my first freelance project, up for all of you to see:


I’ll be working here part time as a designer and creative assistant to the founder of the company, and as an illustrator for one of the first books entitled “Sam and Ben”.

It’s real! And coming all together. In the meantime, this was my first taste at freelance work, doing a little graphic design, a bunch of character sketches, and simple web design using iWeb. Not too shabby, eh???
It’s 2011 and I feel like a real illustrator for the first time. What a great way to kick off the year!

Be sure to read Pinwheel’s mission page, because it’s really sweet.